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10:11am 09-18-2022
Wonderful website that makes me happy! I love happy things! Best wishes, herzblutnord!
8:01am 07-15-2022
Thank you so much for creating this cute and heartwarming website. Your work never fails to put a smile on my face, and I make sure to drop by whenever I'm on Windows 98 to listen to the wonderful background MIDI on Internet Explorer 4. Here's hoping for more Prints content whenever you had the time or motivation to create some. (:
Replied on: 1:17pm 07-15-2022

Thank you for the nice comment

7:16am 07-11-2022
oh youi love prints (:ing i love prints (: you really should go ahng yourself. I might as well c ut off my i love prints (: and dress like a silly little princess. because this i love prints (:ing site makes anyone visiting this horrible i love prints (:ing i love prints (: so i love prints (:ing gay they might as well go eat a i love prints (:. i love prints (: YOUR SITE i love prints (:
Replied on: 7:31am 07-11-2022

umm... thanks?

1:05pm 07-01-2022
desperate savage
had a positive experience on the site (learned to vibrate again... LOL!) good luck and keep going!
1:15pm 06-15-2022
Magnificient site, been a while since i was here.
I like the new style, nice job

-That same Koishi
4:10am 06-14-2022
I would like to read a post about the games you like to play or one about how is the experience of using windows xp as main operating system!

Like I said before the great purge of the guestbook...
10:41pm 05-31-2022
I kind of accidentally deleted all the posts that were on the guestbook
Gomen ne!! please feel free to repost anything you posted here before that got deleted!!